About NDGC

What is NDGC?


Nordic Diversity in Games Conference is a two-day deep dive, celebration and focused effort on bringing greater diversity to the games industry. The Nordics is already a hot spot for innovation (and success!) in the global games industry, and we aim to keep it that way. Through bravely embracing diversity, we can enable ourselves to grow our knowledge, creativity and drive to stay one step ahead.

Why diversity?

Diversification is not a human instinct but something that we need to actively think about, and if we want it to happen, we need to act. Our pre-programmed behavior isn't always what's best for... well, anyone. When we put our prefrontal cortices to it, we can achieve great things - state organization, collaboration across borders, world peace, eating your vegetables and maybe even diversification of the games industry.


Diverse workplaces have shown to generally have numerous benefits over non-diverse workplaces, among others (on a personal, group, and market level, in no specific order):


  • Improved creativity
  • Improved problem solving
  • Expanded market potential
  • Better financial performance
  • Expanded talent pool
  • Improved competition
  • New niches/improved depth
  • Improved health/work environment
  • Improved ability to adapt to new market conditions
  • Reduced fear of change
  • Reduced fear of, and inclination to counterbalance, own weaknesses
  • Improved collaboration and communication skills
  • Improved overall happiness


By learning how to work together, bridging communication, sharing expertise, inspiring new ideas and forging new methods, we strengthen both ourselves, our companies, our industry and society at large.

Who is behind NDGC?


GameDev Force is a newly formed organization of veterans in the field of diversity and the games industry. We have previously been organizing Women in Games Monthly Lunch, Women's Intro to Games Night, Equality Workshop, Valkyrie Jam, Breakfast Lectures and a lot more.


We have been working under Diversi, Women in Games Stockholm and NDGC alone but have realigned our forces to best suit our region and way of working - the women in the Nordics need each other, and together we can be the change. Be the GameDev Force.

What can you do?


Attend the event


Learn all about how you and your colleagues can reap the benefits of diversification while filling up

on creative energy and ways to push you and your games to the next level!


Send your employees


Invest in giving your employees a real crash course in both attracting, forming and working

in diverse teams.

Send a group and make it a bonding experience!


Become a sponsor


The event is completely backed by sponsors, both companies local to the events

and companies in the games industry that wants everyone to know

that they are the frontrunners in shaping our future.

Sponor us!

Contact us in the form or send us a mail to




Interested in helping out at NDGC as a Crew?

Work hard at NDGC and you get: 

» Crew t-shirt
» Free entrance and food
» Sleeping place
» Crew area

GameDev Force is the association behind the

Nordic Diversity in Game Conference.

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