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The theme for Nordic Diversity in Games Conference 2019 is

Women as Experts

Important Dates:



Speaker Submission Deadline           September 15th


Conference Dates                     November 18th & 19th

We would like to invite anyone who wants to speak about their area of expertise to hold a lecture, workshop, or host a roundtable at NDGC.

This year we want to highlight women in their roles as experts in the games industry. We also believe that diverse representation is important, so we welcome all applicants and encourage anyone who identifies as a minority to apply.

We also want to provide an opportunity for new speakers to gain experience with speaking at conferences, and will therefore be providing specific slots for first-time speakers as well as optional coaching for those who are new to public speaking.

We believe strongly that by learning how to work together, bridging communication, sharing expertise, inspiring new ideas and forging new methods that we strengthen both ourselves, our companies, our industry and society at large.

Speakers - you are the life breath of the conference.

So What's in it for me?

Glad you asked! We will provide all speakers with accomodation and travel to and from the conference avenue. You will have access to the full event both days and stay for the whole duration and some extra time.

Ideally we would like to compensate more, but we are limited as we are a non-profit association. Depending on final budget from sponsors, we will prioritize compensating speakers with payment as well, even if it is a smaller sum.

We welcome all applications! We are looking for a diverse and inclusive lineup.


We have decided on having a number of pre-made formats, much as a guide for anyone who feels a little lost in making their talk. Some of you are highly experienced speakers, but many are also new to speaking. We are here to help you get a flying start to your life in public speaking.


We expect that the audience will be mainly people from the games industry. Everyone might not be well versed in your specific subject, but everyone is interested and rooting for you. It is the perfect place to try your wings.

Lightning talk

5-10 minutes

No longer than ten minutes, lightning talks are just what they sound like - they hit the audience with an idea or story like a bolt of lightning, leaving them electrified and thoughtful. This is a great first. You don't need slides unless you really want them; however, we will make all material available to the audience after the conference to refresh their memories, but you may publish your transcript instead.


Brief talk

25 minutes

This is a good amount of time to present something without making a deeper dive. It may be a presentation of your profession and what you need to think about for connecting professions, both for input and output. A novice will get a better understand of what the job means, and experts in other professions will better understand how you are connected.



45 minutes 

This is enough time to go through an example in real time, or give a small foundation to build a career pivot on - for a graphic artist to understand some fundamentals of programming, or a level designer to understand how they could incorporate audio into their level.

We highly suggest that you use slides to keep the audience on track and able to follow the red thread.



2 hours

(multiple blocks if needed)

This format takes place in a room with computers for (most of) the attendees. Here you can take a hands-on guide step by step towards your goal with the workshop. Of course you don't have to use computers if it is more suitable without!

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Nordic Diversity in Game Conference.

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